Sales Professionals Find Success in Franchise Ownership

If you are a sales professional with experience in business-to-business (B2B) selling, you may be interested in the idea of owning a franchise. The Modern PURAIR® business model is split between residential and commercial customers, with virtually all of the residential business driven through Modern PURAIR’s marketing programs.  The commercial business, on the other hand, is driven through in-person selling and relationship development, which is often performed by the franchise owner themselves. This is where your B2B sales experience comes in handy.

The key industries that Modern PURAIR franchises sell to are restoration contractors, property managers, schools, healthcare facilities, home builders, and other businesses. These industries are all in need of clean air solutions, and that’s where Modern PURAIR comes in. As a franchise owner, you would not perform the technical work in the field; instead, you would hire employees to do that for you. Modern PURAIR provides franchise partners with a complete training program for themselves and their employees, so no prior technical experience is required.

So, why would sales professionals with B2B selling experience make great Modern PURAIR franchise owners? There are several reasons.

First, as a sales professional, you already have experience in developing relationships with clients. This is crucial when it comes to selling to commercial customers. You know how to identify their needs and tailor your approach to meet those needs. This ability to build relationships and sell to businesses is what sets successful franchise owners apart from those who struggle.

Second, as a sales professional, you know how to network. Networking is a key component of the Modern PURAIR franchise model, as it is through networking that you will build relationships with potential commercial customers. You may attend trade shows, join industry associations, or participate in local business groups. Your ability to connect with people and build a network of contacts will be critical to your success as a franchise owner.

Third, as a sales professional, you are comfortable with the sales process. You know how to handle objections, close deals, and manage customer relationships. This experience will come in handy when it comes to selling Modern PURAIR services to commercial customers. You will be able to effectively communicate the benefits of clean air solutions, address any concerns or objections that may arise, and close deals that result in long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

Fourth, as a sales professional, you are used to working on commission. Franchise ownership is a similar model, where your income is tied to the success of your business. This means that you are already comfortable with the idea of taking risks and investing in yourself. You know that the more effort you put in, the greater the reward. This mindset is essential for success as a Modern PURAIR franchise owner.

Finally, as a sales professional, you are used to working independently. Franchise ownership is an entrepreneurial endeavour, and as such, it requires a certain level of independence and self-motivation. You are used to setting goals, managing your time, and working towards your objectives. This will serve you well as a franchise owner, as you will be responsible for managing your employees, building relationships with customers, and driving the success of your business.

In conclusion, sales professionals with B2B selling experience make great Modern PURAIR franchise owners for a variety of reasons. They have experience in building relationships with clients, networking, handling the sales process, working on commission, and working independently. If you are a sales professional looking for a new challenge, consider the franchise model, and the opportunity to become a Modern PURAIR franchise owner. With the support of the franchise system, the training provided, and your existing skills, you can build a successful business that helps improve the air quality for people and businesses in your community.

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