Learn How Abhay went from Project Manager to Business Owner

Before becoming a Modern PURAIR Franchise owner, Abhay Sonigara worked in technical sales, operations, and project management.  As a community oriented person, Abhay enjoys helping others in his community and connecting people to provide solutions.

What type of jobs have you had before joining Modern PURAIR?

I have worked in technical sales, operations and project management in various fields including the packaging industry, business process outsourcing, and mechanical insulation for process and construction industries.

What made you want to own a business?

Ever since landing in Canada, I observed that 98% of the businesses are small business (1-99 employees).  Upon reading more I understood that owning a business is the way for financial and time comfort which I always yearned for. Being a business owner also helps me to push boundaries and better myself every day.

How did you know that it was the right time to become a business owner?

I had a dream of owning a business for some time now.  I was looking to get into something related to HVAC services. I looked at various businesses both passively and actively but nothing piqued me enough. With two young kids and a supportive wife, I knew if I had to change from employee to employer then this is the right time to take the leap of faith.

Tell us about the onboarding and training experience been so far.

Abhay Training

Abhay and his trainers during new franchise partner orientation, celebrating closing the sale on two air purification systems.

Right from the first telephone conversation with Neil (VP franchise development) to the last day of field training with the technician, all said and made sure that I AM SET UP FOR SUCCESS. When I saw this approach of helping new franchises from top management to a field tech, I was beyond impressed. The entire onboarding and training experience was robust,  I came back to Red Deer with lots of learnings, belief and faith in our system, processes and the people behind them.

Why was Modern PURAIR the right business for you?

Before owning the franchise with Modern PURAIR, I worked as an estimator and project manager with an Insulation company. Therefore, being an HVAC industry insider I naturally gravitated towards HVAC services business. However, after coming in contact with Modern PURAIR, and progressively learning more about them and the leadership team, I gained confidence in their business practice and it was totally in line with the business I can easily associate with and trust.

What has the peer support from other franchise owners been like so far?

During the decision making process, Modern PURAIR shares the information of other franchise owners that we can get in touch with. I have reached out to them and the support they provide is great. They are always there to share their learnings and experiences.

What are you most looking forward to about being a business owner?

I am looking forward to growing a successful operation in central Alberta. As indoor air quality experts, I believe that we play a vital role in providing a healthy environment free of pollutants and allergens for homes and work places and I am excited to play a role in all those homes and workplaces that we help to breathe clean air.

What are your favourite things to be doing when you are not building your business?

As a father of two young kids my spare time is mostly around them. Also, I am a community oriented person.  In my spare time I like to help people who need any support. I am usually a point of contact for their needs and help connect the two parties.

What do you love about the community you serve (Red Deer, AB)?

Red Deer is a small but mighty city. There are a lot of success stories from this city that inspires me to do better for myself and keep dreaming bigger. Red Deer, geographically is situated right in the center of Alberta, which leaves us with many options for recreation and entertainment. It is of perfect size to raise a family and have a balanced work life.

What advice do you have for anyone considering going from employee to business owner?

Follow your instincts. Embrace change and be prepared to unlearn and learn. Keep pushing boundaries.

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