Modern PURAIR® Vivid Vision

Our Vivid Vision provides a painted picture of what our business will look like on December 31, 2021.  This Vivid Vision was written on December 31, 2018.

We share our Vivid Vision with all stakeholders and the public.  We share it with Modern PURAIR employees, franchise partners, vendors, strategic partners, coaches, mentors, and franchise partner candidates.

We also coach Modern PURAIR Franchise Partners to write a Vivid Vision for their own business.

With this document in-place and being openly shared, everyone knows exactly where we are taking the business and can take the necessary actions to get there.  Employee candidates,  potential vendors and franchise partner candidates get a clear picture of our Vision for the business.  The right people and the right companies are attracted and excited about the vision and have a strong desire to be part of it.

We learned about the importance of creating a Vivid Vision from Cameron Herold, and encourage you to write a Vivid Vision for yourself and your business.  You can learn more about how to create your own Vivid Vision in his book “Vivid Vision”.  Click here to learn more and get the book.

Here is the Modern PURAIR Vivid Vision December 31, 2021:


Brand Presence

 Modern PURAIR is Canada’s largest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ ) franchise system. We have 65 Franchise Partners coast to coast across Canada and in Idaho, Washington State, Oregon, and Montana. Our US locations are rapidly growing. 

Our fleet of wrapped PURAIR Sprinters has grown to over 200, helping us service over 25,000 commercial and residential clients annually. Customers continue to tell us “I see your trucks everywhere!” 

From the first time our customers experience the PURAIR way, our service becomes an essential part of their preventative maintenance program. 

Our regional and national accounts contribute heavily to Modern PURAIR’s dominating market presence. Our brand continues to dominate every indoor air quality market where we operate. In every location that has been open longer than 36 months, we are leading the market for each service offered.

People, Culture, Values, and Spirit

 We believe, “it’s all about people”. We consider our people–our tribe–in every decision. 

When people walk into our office (the VENTbox) they can feel the the buzz and they want to become part of it. It’s a fun, fast-changing environment that feels electric. The open office allows teams from all departments to feel connected and the ‘Can You Imagine?’ wall helps our PURAIR family to dream big.

Our team members’ pride and positivity rubs off on others. We feel encouraged to be creative, innovative, and to share ideas and thoughts. Our people are driven and we serve as catalysts for their growth.

We are well known as a top employer. We have won awards and are recognized in the media for our culture and desirability.

Franchise Partner Profitability

 Our Franchise Partners are the foundation of our business. The decisions made by the VENTbox are centred around our Franchise Partners profitability. System sales continue to grow year-over-year as we coach, engage, and provide various tools for our Franchise Partners to achieve fiscal responsibility and profitability.

Our mature Franchise Partners continue to show sustained profitability, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Their financial success helps us continue to celebrate system-wide achievements and sell new franchises.


 We believe that regular, ongoing communication is priority. Our 65+ Franchise Partners and their 200+ team members embrace technology to maximize the effectiveness of our system-wide communication. 

Communication is a pillar of our culture. We stay connected through the daily “huddle” at the VENTbox, internal forums, quarterly PURAIR phone calls, business coaching-mentoring, and PURAIR group chat. Because of this, we are able to identify missing systems and opportunities and continuously build our momentum.

We believe meetings are for decisions, rather than discussions. Each meeting has a clear plan with purpose, outcomes, and agendas. Each decision brings us closer to our shared vision. Our Franchise Advisory Council furthers this success and encourages open communication across the system.

Our annual convention is highly anticipated and considered ‘the place to be’. Our whole system gets together to celebrate wins, set intentions, create measurable goals, and plan for future growth.

Customer Service

 Our customers love the Modern PURAIR experience and our Net Promoter Score is 90+. Up-front rates, clean shiny trucks, and uniformed technicians are how we stand out, the “PURAIR way”. We outperform the competition by a huge margin. 

Customers love seeing the results we deliver, solidified by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Because clients notice such a difference in the IAQ of their home or business, they openly refer us to friends, family, and customers. 

We strive to provide the best customer experience in our industry. Our sales centre team treats each call as an opportunity to “hug the client”. If there is a problem we don’t ask, “what’s the problem?” we say, “let’s find a solution.” Every customer is treated like family. 

We educate our customers on what makes PURAIR unique. Our technicians under-sell and over-deliver. They build value in our services and they deliver on our brand promises—without exception.

For each booking, our technicians call the client 15-30 minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival. They show up in a clean, shiny PURAIR branded truck, in a PURAIR uniform, with a warm smile across their face. They always introduce themselves to the client and show enthusiasm and pride for the service. 

We embrace technology to help ensure our customer experience is the same in every city. The electronic Standard Operating Procedures for our weekly Sprinter inspections and all of our Invoice Job Reports ensure that every client experiences the same level of service, coast to coast.

We love our customers and they continue to be our greatest advertisers; through word of mouth and online reviews. Our customers know what makes Modern PURAIR unique and they expect this in each step of our service delivery.

Measuring Growth

 Growth is measured by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. Our reports are simple to read and provide clarity. These figures are used to help us grow and expand. 

All Franchise Partners receive these reports, which help us understand what’s working, what needs attention, and when change is necessary.


Our brand integrity is paramount. We follow through with what we say we’ll do – no matter if its hard, costly, or difficult.

Because of our well-defined guidelines and practices, the Modern PURAIR brand is seamless across our entire franchise system. Customers who experience our service in different cities always enjoy our standard of quality and customer service, delivered the ‘PURAIR way’.

Media and Awards

 We are unequivocally the best at what we do and we continue to ‘wow’ our clients and our internal teams, the ‘PURAIR way’. We have been featured in several publications and recently won Top Franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine. We have also been nominated as a ‘top employer’ for our people-first practices.


 We believe that people don’t fail, systems do. We realize that our systems require continual improvement and they are constantly evolving. We continue to embrace technology in our efforts to become higher-performing and more efficient. 

We are guided by the philosophy of, “if the rate of change inside your business is less than the rate of change outside of your business, you are out of business”.

The VENTbox

Our 6,500 square foot headquarters sits in beautiful Kelowna, BC. The VENTbox is spacious, bright, and modern–yet comfortable. Our open-floor concept allows us to all feel “connected,” while also providing quiet ‘break-out rooms.’ 

The VENTbox sales centre is the heartbeat of our headquarters. Over 30 team members in our inbound and outbound sales team continue to book at an amazing 80%+ conversion rate. 

Our 9:55 AM daily team huddle focuses on the “wins” from the day before, as well as addresses any missing and systems and opportunities. In this way we can lift each up, congratulate each other for an awesome day, and become better as a whole.

Our weekly management team huddle is held in our conference room, overlooking Lake Okanagan. The Vivid Vision hangs in a large frame on the wall, surrounded by our “Can you Imagine” quotations. We share our positive focuses, check in on projects, and share a motivational quote to help us all get fired up before diving back into our project work.

Our Business Development team helps push, coach, engage, and empower our Franchise Partners to generate higher sales and profits. This team, combined with our outbound telesales department, also helps to leverage Franchise Partners’ local marketing efforts. With over 30 national and regional partners, the Biz Dev team continues to innovate in building new revenue streams for our Franchise Partners.


Modern PURAIR Vivid Vision

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