What do you get when you combine sophistication and professionalism to an outdated industry?

Modern PUAIR® is the fastest growing indoor air quality business in Canada.  The industry is fragmented, unsophisticated, and made up of independent operators.  These independent operators cannot compete with Modern PURAIR Franchises.  By providing exceptional customer service and expert work, Modern PURAIR Franchises stand out.

To begin, let’s paint a picture of the industry.  The bar for customer experience in the indoor air quality industry is low.  Really low.  This is thanks in large to those unsophisticated mom and pop operators that make up the industry.  These companies rely on annoying telemarketers. They do a poor job of handling in-bound customer calls.  These are the companies that have non-uniformed workers driving old, rusted trucks.  You can picture it in your mind right now.  This is one of the reasons we love this industry.

In other industries there are incredible operators out there that have set the bar high.  When you go to a Ritz Carlton Hotel, your expectation is to have an amazing customer experience.  Anything less than remarkable and you are disappointed.

In our industry, customers are expecting that lacklustre mom-and-pop experience.  Customers are blown away by the Modern PURAIR service once they experience it.  They just can’t believe the service they have received.

Modern PURAIR Franchises become the obvious choice in their markets.  Modern PURAIR Franchises are quickly the highest rated service provider.

The majority of Modern PURAIR revenue is commercial. Companies send Modern PURAIR franchises work on a recurring basis.  These commercial clients appreciate the professionalism and consistency provided by Modern PURAIR Franchises.

The other companies in our industry cannot compete with Modern PURAIR’s great branding, systems, and technology.

Exceptional Customer Service…….by Design

The exceptional customer service that Modern PURAIR Franchises provide is by design.  We’ve created systems in Modern PURAIR that create a “WOW!” customer experience on every job.  Nothing is left to chance.  Clients experience a standardized process that is technology driven.  Training and documented standard operating procedures provided by Modern PURAIR make it simple.

Key factors that drive the industry leading Modern PURAIR customer experience:

Modern PURAIR’s National Sales Center

Modern PURAIR’s in-house sales centre answers calls for Modern PURAIR franchises.   Sales Center agents work at Modern PURAIR head office. These agents take calls from commercial and residential customers. They convert them to a booking on Modern PURAIR Franchise’s schedule.  Through this booking process, customers know what to expect through the service.

Professional and standardized communication

Modern PURAIR reminds customers of their upcoming appointments. This happens through text message (SMS) and email messages.  It sounds simple, but it is uncommon in the industry. This is something that makes a big impact with the customer.

Clean, Shiny Trucks and Uniformed Technicians

Modern PURAIR Technicians arrive to the job site wearing their Modern PURAIR Uniform. They are driving a clean, shiny, PURAIR Sprinter (the Mercedes Service Van).  This package evokes trust and demonstrates a high level of professionalism.

On-Time Arrivals

Customers appreciate that Modern PURAIR Franchises arrive within the scheduled 1hr arrival window. Compare this to the traditional cable company experience. With the cable company, you are provided with a 4 or 8-hour arrival window. You need block off much of your day in anticipation of their arrival. When you consider this, you can see why customers appreciate the Modern PURAIR Model.  The courtesy call 15 minutes before arrival to the appointment is the icing on the cake.

Upfront Prices

Nobody likes surprise charges at the end of the job.  Nobody likes to hear “we ran into x or y on your job so it’s going to cost more than anticipated.”  That is why all Modern PURAIR clients receive an all-in, upfront price before the start of the job.

Best In-Class Service

Modern PURAIR Franchises provide best in-class service. This is thanks in large to our proprietary technology and standard operating procedures.

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Canadians have never been more aware of the air they breathe than they are right now. The recent pandemic raised the standards for indoor air quality. As a result, Modern PURAIR franchise owners are busier than ever. Our growth is proof that our business model is recession-resistant and essential.  Sign up below to receive information about Modern PURAIR Franchise Opportunities in your community.

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