10 Questions with Modern PURAIR Franchise Owner, Justin Brogden

How long have you had your Modern PURAIR Franchise for?

We opened for business in October 2020.

What did you do before joining Modern PURAIR?

I have always been in sales and sales management.  I’ve sold cell phones, uniforms, facility maintenance and most recently I was working in sales management in the HVAC industry.

What made you decide to make the leap to franchise ownership?

I wanted to be my own boss.  I wanted to be more in control of the income I bring home for my family, which I can do as a business owner.

What has been your experience with the support you get from Modern PURAIR?

The first thing that comes to mind is our Sales Center.  I’ve had lots of experience with Call Centers in my previous careers and the team that we have at Modern PURAIR is the best.  They take the calls, book the appointments, and even help troubleshoot if needed.  This team is second to none and they really are the best in the business.  That support alone provides unbelievable time savings.

Another great resource is our online training program.  This is your starting point and also your quick reference guide as you continue running the business.

What makes Modern PURAIR Sarnia better than the competition?


  1. The brand, our trucks, and the image. I am constantly having people tell me that they see my truck around town and this was when I only had one truck and was being told everyday that we are being seen.
  2. The Social media programs that display our brand.
  3. The technology we use and the systems in our business. Every single customer is impressed with our technology and process.
  4. Our uniforms. In my family, we wear our Modern PURAIR uniforms everywhere we go because it is such a great brand. That is something when you go from working a job to something that is a passion because you love it.

You started your business right in the midst of COVID. What has that been like?

There has been highs and lows.  Right out of the gate we started pretty quickly and people were concerned with air quality which made us busy.  In Ontario, we had the lock down in December which was scary because our business almost froze.  Once we got the word out that we were an essential service we started to pick back up and I’d argue to say that we have boomed since then.

What has it been like to find qualified employees to do the work in the field?

My biggest mistake was waiting two weeks before hiring my first Technician.  It was too much for me to do both the business development and do the technical work.  I put out an ad for the job and I was amazed with how many people applied.  I think I had 92 applicants in the first five days.  Hiring people is interesting because you want people that have some sort of background of being handy so they can use basic hand tools.  But you also want people that have the ability to talk to people.  Our first employee was installing windows and doors before I hired him.  He loves it at Modern PURAIR because he is running his own business on wheels and isn’t being hovered over.  He loves the job and has been great.

What types of skills do you think are most important for Modern PURAIR franchise owners?

You need to be relentless.  I’m a sport guy so I like to use sports analogies.  The easiest part of the game is shooting the ball.  The most difficult part is dragging your butt to the gym every day to put in the work.  Its easy to do what we do because our brand sells itself.  But you have to get up every day to get in front of someone’s eyes.  Its making 5 more sales calls when you don’t want to do it.  It’s sending 3-5 more emails, and staying on top of that.  Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.  If you can be relentless, you have to set the standard on how many people you are going to talk to each day, and you have to be relentless on following up and following through.

If you could do this over again, would you?  And if you would, what would you differently?

Absolutely I would do it again.  I wish I would have hired a technician sooner.  But also I wish I had taken more action in sales faster. Come out of the gate firing and don’t be in the “honeymoon business owner stage.”

What are you most excited about in your business right now?

Growth, growth, growth.  We’re currently booked out about a month, 7-days per week, and I have our second sprinter on order.  Now I am figuring out how to expand into a larger territory and getting a bricks and mortar location.  I am excited about growth.

I am also excited about the brand growth.  When I first joined, I was only the 2nd location in Ontario.  We’ve grown significantly from then and we’re going to get more work because of that.

Interview date, April 2021.

Justin Brogden Franchise Owner

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